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Massage for the  Body, Mind and Soul






Swedish Massage                                    (60 minutes $75)   (90 minutes $115)

A total relaxation massage that uses light to medium, soothing strokes to improve circulation & release muscle tension. This form of massage is regarded to be one of the most famous and most well-known types of massage in the world due to its being a “beginner friendly”.  It is also great for those who simply want to relax.

Deep Tissue Massage                            (60 minutes $85)   (90 minutes $125)

A therapeutic massage utilizing deep pressure to unlock muscles, increase range of motion & free energy blockages. This massage focuses on the deep layers of muscles and their connecting tissues. It is especially helpful for patients who have severe muscle soreness and aches in their body. Recommended for those who prefer deeper muscle body work.

Hot Stone Massage                                (60 minutes $85)   (90 minutes $125)

A rejuvenating massage using warm stones to encourage complete relaxation. This therapeutic massage gives pleasurable feelings of warmth to a person when placed on his or her body. The heated stones will transmit heat to the body, which warms up tightened muscles and helps the therapist unwind them more easily. Let your mind drift away as these warm stones glide over muscles, melting away stress & tension.

Warm Body Wrap Massage                                                (90 minutes $145)
Nourish your body with Body Creme Wrap Massage Therapy - A dry exfoliation before your skin is norished with warm body butter creme under thermal sheets and warm blankets, followed by relaxing massage.  This will revitalize your body, mind and leave the skin soft and nourished.

Mineral-Rich Salt Scrub Massage                                     (90 minutes $145)
Give your body this Mineral-Rich Sea Salt Scrub Massage Therapy - A gentle exfoliation followed by a hydrating body massage with ayurvedic massage oil that will intensify moisture absorption for lasting softness, and increase circulation, encourage exfoliation and leave your skin feeling incredibly rejuvenated.